News Update

One of our club shooters took a 3rd in finals of the 10m air-rifle held in Forres.

Also at the same event was one of the youngest shooters ever to compete in the GP series. This was one of our juniors (age 12) who put in a credible performance in his first "away" shoot. Both shooters are looking forward to round 2 of the GP series - held in Denwood (Aberdeen) in Mid November.

Welcome to Target Technique

Want to learn a new sport? One that will turn heads? Take you abroad? Consider precision air target shooting!

There is a saying that the one who wins the Olympics is the one who wants it the most. Winning isn't normal. In order to win you must do you extraordinary things. You cannot be one of the crowd and expect to win. You must be willing to step over the line, do extra, search your soul to find that extra beyond normal.

Your actions need to reflect unusual values and priorities. You have to value success more than others do. You have to want it more. Wanting it is a a decision you make and act upon - it is not desire, inspiration or inner drive. You have to make that value a priority.

Target Technique is not a normal club, we are an unusual club, we develop winners. The coaches who developed it are not normal, they are prepared to train you extraordinarily. The coaches bestow their training to those wanting to train harder in order to achieve success.

The sport combines physical, technical and mental skills. Often said to be the most mental of sports, it requires a huge degree of mental control as well as a certain amount of fitness to reduce heart rate and retain oxygen levels. Many shooters find they benefit enormously from the calming relaxing moods shooting provides. Learning to analyse and structure training is also beneficial in other aspects of life.

Shooting is for any age, gender, individuals and families. Standing, kneeling and prone (laying down). Bench shooting is also suitable for those that can't stand for long periods and wheelchair users. There is also capacity for visually impaired who shoot using acoustics.

Whilst there are many clubs in Scotland there are few qualified coaches with quality equipment to get you started. Novices begin with the sporter air rifle, light enough for children to use. The skills learned in this accessible discipline are transferable to other disciplines such as 10m Air, 50m .22 3 Position, Prone and Biathlon all of which are all Olympic disciplines. We also teach air pistol for those that have that cool hand nerve.

Come along and have a go - see if the sport is for you!

This year we had no males in the Commonwealth Games 10m air rifle. Lets change that for 2018!


Come along and learn to become a pro in air-rifle or air-pistol target shooting.

Target shooting is a game of mind-power, concentration and paradoxically relaxation. It is ideal for both families and for individuals who want to learn in a safe and controlled environment.

Contact us to attend one of our training sessions - to see if the sport is for you.


Air Rifle & Air Pistol Training

  • Basic Safety
  • New Start Introduction
  • Structured Courses
  • Early Months
  • Ad-hoc instruction

Small-bore rifle

  • Group rifle coaching within your club.

Corporate Event

  • Targetted fun!


Club Membership

Open to those shooters that have passed our range-safety assessment. Successful range-assessment permits access to the range without 1:1 supervision.


  • Come and Try
  • Induction night
  • 3P Night
  • Disability Shooting
  • Ladies Night
  • Junior Night
  • Basic Range Safety